What is the average wait time of my order?                                                       

The average delivery time frame varies based on where you are, and where your product is coming from. We have several hubs that have their own professional courier services. You can track your order by clicking the Where My Order? on the Home Page. 

Can I return my order?                                                                                           

Yes we allow returns on all products, except the items given through promotions, giveaways, and other programs i.e. I Hear U Program. There is also $5.00 return fee for each product. 

How do I get in contact with Customer Support?                                               

 We have integrated a third party support messenger that allows you to message one of our team members right on the home page. This grants us to not only get back to you in a swift manner, but our response can also be sent to your Facebook Direct Messages if you happen to leave the store. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we can get busy sometimes, which causes delays on responses; you can also email us at info@byeplug.com 

Is my payment and information secure?                                                             

We strive to keep all of our customers safe, and satisfied. Our site has a Mcafee Certified Protection Guarantee, with all the ubiquitous familiar payment platforms such as PayPal, Google Pay, Stripe, etc. 

What if my product is delivered damaged or in unsatisfactory condition? 

If there are any functions of your item that is not performing as described, we will gladly refund you your full purchase amount, or you can choose to have the product replaced.